Richard C. Young & Co., Ltd. is a Naples, FL and Newport, RI based financial advisory firm. We have been ranked by Barron’s as one of the top independent financial advisors in the nation for the last twelve consecutive years. We manage portfolios for individuals, families, and small businesses throughout the United States.

Richard C. Young & Co., Ltd. was founded in 1989 to help investors reduce the emotional stress that comes with day-to-day investing. Since the beginning, investing in dividend and interest-paying securities has been our primary focus. Cold, hard cash in the form of a steady stream of dividend and interest payments is a comfort to conservative investors.

To learn more about a dividend focused investment strategy and how it can help you become a more confident, comfortable, long-term investor, read our white paper; Dividend Investing: A Primer. Click the link below to read our report.

All About You

When you decide to join our private client family, we will work together to craft a portfolio that meets your personal, family, or company needs. Perhaps retirement income is your goal, or maybe you are looking to scale down portfolio risk. We can help. Richard C. Young & Co., Ltd. is committed to your comfort and peace of mind.

We consider ourselves to be a conservative financial advisory firm. We diversify the money our clients entrust to us globally, and across asset classes, and with few exceptions, we invest in securities that generate a stream of cash for compounding. A typical client portfolio includes both international and domestic stocks and bonds, funds, commodities, and even currencies.

Our Advice

Richard C. Young & Co., Ltd., is a fee-only financial advisor. We don’t underwrite securities, execute trades, or take custody of assets. Our advice is free of some of the conflicts of interest that may plague commission-based brokers and large Wall Street firms with securities to distribute. Our interests are aligned with yours. When you benefit, we benefit. And you can take comfort in knowing that when you join Richard C. Young & Co., Ltd., your assets are held at one of America’s largest discount brokers.

Proprietary Research

We generate all of our own investment ideas. We don’t outsource the management of your portfolio to a third party or a computer algorithm. Every security we purchase is vetted by our in-house team of investment professionals. If you want to know why we purchased a security in your account, or if you are looking for an update on our global economic outlook, our seasoned financial advisors are here to help. And while diversification is a cornerstone of our investment strategy, we don’t believe in over-diversification as practiced by the massive index funds. We include in our client portfolios a sufficient number of securities to gain the benefits of diversification without diluting exposure to our highest conviction investment ideas.


Our investment management fees start at less than 1% annually and drop from there. If you shop around you may find our 0.8% fee attractive for a globally diversified portfolio featuring dividend-paying stocks, closed-end funds, and individual government and corporate bonds.

And since the portfolios we manage are focused on individual securities, fund level expenses that can amount to an additional 1% or more at other firms, are minimized for our clients.

Finally, none of the investments we purchase for clients generate referral income to our firm.

Portfolio Fee Schedule:*

Money Invested Annual % Rate
First $2,000,000            0.80
$2,000,001 to $5,000,000            0.70
Above $5,000,000            0.55

*The fees appearing above do not include fees and expenses that may be charged by the account custodian. These include, but are not limited to, commissions, bid/ask spreads, transaction fees, redemption and short-term trading fees, and account maintenance fees.

“At Richard C. Young & Co., Ltd., we are committed to helping our clients achieve long-term investment success with comfort. We are not traders or speculators and do not offer strategies for either approach. Our primary focus is to invest in securities that pay interest and dividends.”Matthew A. Young, President & Chief Executive Officer



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